Quality Time Begins At Home

Cushy and inviting sofas, comfy and colorful throw rugs, laid back leather recliners and armoires are a good place to start.

Design living spaces so inviting and comfortable that your heart flutters when you enter the room. Above all, make sure family and friends feel at home, surrounded by your creative and custom accents, brilliant lighting and fabulous-looking furniture.

Living Room

Ready for a living room that's more than just a nice place to watch TV? Not only is the living room a place of rest and relaxation, it's a social hub for guests and family, an indoor playground for the kids and the home in "home theater." With the creative placement of floor rugs, furniture and lighting you can create focal points in any part of the room.


Retire to the bedroom. Your sanctuary. Your retreat. The place where you and your beloved can talk and rest and be, more than anything, alone. Come along with us as we reinvent the bedroom: for one thing, it's no longer just about the bed.

Family Room

All formality is gone in this oasis for you and your nearest and dearest. Put on your coziest jammies and cuddle up - all while your kids jockey over the remote and your attention. Steal a kiss from your husband. Check out the crossword puzzle. Pull up a seat. The family room is less about big screen TV's and the perfect armoire - though we have those too - really, it's about you. You and your family.

Dinning Room

It's where you'll feed your daughter peas for the first time. It's the spot where your son will spill his first glass of milk. It's where three generations will gather come every Thanksgiving. The dining room is about a lot more than meatloaf or turkey or the family recipe for lasagna: it's about family.


The new great room is really the "family room" and the "home theater" and the "living room" all in one. It's where all the reasons we come home are waiting for us: a place to play and love, laugh and share our day and ourselves. Whether it's curling up with the kiddos in front of the animated movie you've all seen a hundred times, or challenging your hubby to a championship game of chess, or even just having the girls over for a glass of Chardonnay, the "great room" is truly great for all things home.